"Here is the problem I have when Brandy takes our pictures...................there are so many good ones I can't even choose! Seriously I was trying to choose pictures for Christmas cards and it was impossible! She has a way with my boys that is unbelievable. They smile for her like no other. She is so patient and kind and you never feel rushed to get the shot, not even with a 3 year old that is WILD!!!! She is affordable and the disc you get is amazing!!! Also love her Christmas card designs! Love her and love her pics!!!! Thanks Brandy for the amazing memories you have helped us capture this past year!!!!! After the year we have had it truly means a lot."

"Brandy has photographed the boys several times. She is very patient and works well with children! Pictures are always keepers and with the pictures on a disc we can print what we want when we want. Her prices are affordable and her settings are right on target! She is quite busy so you must schedule in advance, but when you get her, you are the lucky one!"

"Bandy has been our famliy photographer since my son's wedding. With her, every shot is a treasure!!! Her prices are gret and the pictures are even better. We'll keep calling her for our family photos as long as she lets us. Thanks for all your hard work Brandy, you make me look good!!"

"Brandy does great work. She knows her strengths and uses them to take the best pictures. She was the first to photograph my little guy and is doing it again this Saturday. I will keep going back to her. She is affordable and timely. I will keep using her. Can't wait to see how Saturday's pics turn out!"

"Brandy is awesome! I am very excited to have found someone that can take high quality, professional, fantastic photos of our family at an affordable price! Brandy has taken our family pictures twice now and I have loved all the pictures! It is so nice to have the cd to print what you want without having to worry about one pose packages and expense of getting what you want. I can now have our pictures taken more often and document my daughter growing up. I will continue to use Brandy for as long as she is a photographer, which I hope is a very long time!"

"Brandy did an absolutely wonderful job on my Bridal pictures and Wedding!! Even despite the heat and her being pregnant! ;-) She is very professional, helpful, takes many different poses and LOTS of pictures to help you get the perfect ones!! She was great putting them on a disc b/c then you can go print as few or as many as you want! I also loved the editing and changing of the background colors she did on many of the pictures, it helps you get several different views to select what you like. I would definitely recommend Brandy w/Foshe Fotos to ANYONE!!! :-) WAY TO GO BRANDY!!"

"Brandy did a absolute wonderful job on Teresa Bridal pictures and Wedding. I would recommend Foshe Fotos for all your professional pictures."

"Brandy does an amazing job! She has photographed our family for an entire year...the pictures are always wonderful. I love the fact that you get all of your photos on a disc. It is so nice to be able to print as many photos as you want and share them with friends and family. Brandy will continue to photograph our family for years to come. I just can't say enough wonderful things about her work! "

"They are awesome pictures!"

"Brandy has photographed some of the biggest moments of our family! Our engagement pictures, our wedding, our daughters newborn pictures, and recently her 3 month pictures. Brandy always does and amazing job! The pictures are high quality and you will never find anyone else that is this affordable. And though the pictures are wonderful I think them most amazing thing is that she gives you EVERY photo she takes! You will never find a deal like that anywhere else! We love Brandy and will continue to have her photographing our family for years to come."

"Brandy always amazes me with the number of good photos she gets... it will be a hot muggy day, my son will be wiggly and fussy, and I would swear there was no way we got any good pictures- not because of Brandy, but because of all the other elements-... but Brandy always delivers! She amazes me with the pure number of great photos she gets. She just has an eye for what looks great! She is really laid back and just lets us be "natural"- she captures photos that I didn't even know she was taking- ones where my son is just being himself and we are laughing. They are not posed, not fake, but just truly the real essence of our family. Her lighting is fabulous and she is so affordable! We love her professionally and personally!"

"I have always had family pictures done at Penney's because I thought I couldn't really afford anything else. I came across Foshe Fotos through a playgroup, and haven't looked back. I am absolutely thrilled and excited every time it's "picture time", and almost impossible to live with until I get the pictures in hand! She has an amazing ability, and I swear she captures my sons' souls through their eyes! I remain impressed!"