About editing

People sometimes ask me what I mean by "editing" photos.

I thought I would show you some examples.  I strive to take the best SOOC (straight out of camera) shot I can, by using natural light and my cameras settings to get the best exposure and contrast.  But not every shot can be perfect.

After that, I spend some time enhancing the photo in photoshop.  Even the best SOOC shot can be made to look a little better with just a few simple edits.

I don't edit every picture I take, due to time, but I will edit ANY photo(s) you ask me to, at no additional charge.  Please do take advantage of this, on any photo you plan to print, it can really make a huge difference! 

I usually edit the photos I choose in at least two ways, usually a color edit and a black & white edit.

I can also edit out small blemishes, and sometimes I can remove objects in a background of a photo that distract from the subjects, etc...

Okay so here are some before & after shots so you can see what I mean by "editing."

If you have any special editing requests, please let me know!