My session prices are $100.  This includes about an hour photo session, at a location of your choice.  In that time I will take as many photos as I can (and I take A LOT) and then I will edit the best ones and place both the edited photos as well as the originals on a disc with a copyright release and you may print them where you choose.

I recommend printing at they are a public lab, but print at professional quality. I urge you to print here instead of local retail stores. I promise you'll be happier with the quality, and my work will be best represented in print form.

The fee is due at the time you book your session.  If we have to reschedule for weather or other circumstances, your fee will roll to the rescheduled date.
*prices are subject to change at any time.

I do offer professional printing and the prices are below:

Individual Print Pricing (Kodak e-surface paper)

8 wallets- $8
24 wallets- $15
48 wallets- $28
4x6- $4
5x7- $7
8x10- $12
11x14- $20
10x20- $30
12x24- $40
16x20- $50
20x24- $60
can print up to 34x35
*other sizes available upon request.
*metallic((pearlescent finish) & true b&w paper also available
*linen finish available

1 1/2 inch Gallery Wraps (no need for a frame!)

20x30 -$150
24x30 -$170
24x26 -$190

Other products are available for order such as:
coffee table books, accordian books, accordian minis, bookmarks, posters, greeting cards, photo cards, Senior Rep Cards, buttons, calendars, image boxes, wallet boxes, keychains, magnets, stickers, puzzles, statuettes, as well as acrylic prints, and metal prints.  *Please inquire for pricing on these items.